Keepsake Urn for Ashes

Keepsake Urn for Ashes

Keepsake Urn for Ashes

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A respectful and wonderful tribute to your late loved ones.
Every time you look at these your memories coming back.
Made of high quality Stainless Steel
This urn will never corrode, rust or stain. 
Beautiful finish will not fade or tarnish. Last forever just like the memory it represents.
The threaded lid ensures that your loved one’s ashes
will remain closed inside if the urn is dropped or bumped.

Metals Type: Stainless Steel
Size 14cm x 6cm (5,5inches x 2,4 inches) 250ml

Color: Rose Gold/Gold/Blue/Silvr/Black
Used for : crushed flowers, dirt or sand, from a memorable location
or lock of hair, ashes from a loved one.
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